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Analysis on the use of different warehouse shelf types

by:Hshelf     2020-01-17

Suzhou warehouse shelf is an item that helps to make rational use of space, especially in places where there are more sundries such as warehouses and storage rooms, this kind of finishing shelf is even more needed. With the rapid development of the economic era, people's awareness of environmental protection and conservation is getting stronger and stronger. Therefore, various shelves are used in various occasions, making them play a full role. So what are the uses of different warehouse shelf types? Next, let's give us a general introduction from the small Editor of Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

1, display shelves

welded, fixed, glued, assembled, etc, this type of shelf belongs to the display shelf, and its function is naturally for the purpose of display. Most of its materials are made of paper, iron wire, metal iron, steel, wood, aluminum, glass, etc ,. Display type Suzhou warehouse shelf style with structure; Double-sided shelves, free-standing display shelves, all-round display Hshelf Shop Shelving, single-sided shelves, one-piece shelves, stepped shelves, semi-circular shelves, different shapes.

2, storage shelves

is the shelves used by warehouses to place inventory goods, semi-finished products and finished products, which can be mainly divided into warehouse shelves, stacking shelves, storage shelves, angle steel shelves, attic shelves, rotating shelves, rolling shelves, etc. This kind of shelf is often used to pile up all kinds of articles, so it also has very high requirements for the drying degree of the shelf itself.

to sum up, the above-mentioned display shelves and storage shelves are the two most common types of Suzhou warehouse shelves in daily life, it is also the two most widely used and most widely used in the same type of shelves. Therefore, if you happen to have the need to buy shelves, after stopping the introduction of Xiaobian, I feel that I want to buy these two shelves, then welcome to consult: 'Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd '.

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