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Big small and medium-sized supermarket shelves of choose and buy?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02

the choose and buy of big small and medium-sized supermarket shelves?

suggest the choose and buy of big small and medium-sized supermarket shelves supermarket shelves types as follows:

a supermarket shelves, large shopping plaza. In suitable for use in large shopping plaza shelves in many models are subdivided:

1, yong crown of shelves, copystar type 2 3 back-shelf,

4, Shanghai type 5, storage supermarket shelves 6, centre back shelf

7. 8, cleaning, large back net type shelves shelves 9, electrical

the above several common shelves, supermarket shelves are are manufacturer of supermarket shelves according to the supermarket shelves and process to distinguish the different styles, each have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have any doubt, consult shelf factory workers, they will provide professional guidance.

2, small and medium-sized supermarkets, convenience store shelves, the main characteristics of the small detailed flexible, light deadweight several types:

1, 2, small small center back shelf back net 3, four-post type shelf

4, small hangs Taiwan shelves five, six Angle steel shelves, shelves mercurial

big small and medium-sized supermarkets can buy shelves according to the need for, above is the shelf to provide the reference

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