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Chrome-plated shelves should pay attention to several major issues

by:Hshelf     2020-05-25
Chrome-plated shelves should pay attention to several items here, shelf factory to remind customers when selecting a chrome-plated shelves according to the price and quality of stainless steel shelf to pick, this is because the shelf and the size of the layer of flexible variety also has uncertainty, such as the price of the organic glass is the need to choose according to specific situation. Before buying should be placed according to the general measure of the need of space to select the size and shape. The choice of the shelf and how? Shelves shows the visual effect, is the key factor that users will choose the shelves. Generally choose shelf is near the eye level and it is need to stretch out his hand to get a range, so that sales results will be ideal. Even arrangement of shelf products are highly is according to the price tag to set, in order to help consumers get the information on the price, and is beneficial to supplement and display of products, to properly use some shelves card but also can improve the effect of sales promotion. If there are a few small items are not suitable for mesh big gap, then shelf factory can choose on the top of the mesh with different intensity and texture of wood or organic glass. Or by the price of the mesh, the price of the stud, board or chrome plated shelf when the choose and buy to choose according to the site, such as stainless steel shelf of main models are super miniature, miniature, shelves, light and heavy four etc. Various types of shelves. Shelf factory using high pressure water jet and water lever effect of impact damage corrosion and coating adhesion of shelf steel plate. Its characteristic is no dust pollution, no damage shelves steel, greatly improve the efficiency of rust removal, can be more than 15 m2 / h, and derusting quality is very good. But after descaling steel rust easily return goods shelves, shelves must be need must be coating with wet cleaning coating, coating for general performance coatings is has a great influence.
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