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Clapboard racking structure characteristics and application scope?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15

nanjing shelf equipment detail shelf panel shelf:

put aside plate shelves are usually artificial access goods, packaged structure, uniform layer spacing adjustable, goods are often for parts or not heavy already packaged goods, if high shelves, artificial hard hit, truck can be. Unit shelves span length shoulds not be too long, namely unit shelf depth shoulds not be too deep, according to the unit of the shelves of each layer of the load can be divided into light, medium and heavy shelf board type shelf, layer board is mainly for the steel layer board, wooden floor board two kinds.

a: light shelf panel unit shelves on each floor load is less than 200 kg, total load is less than 2000 kg in general. Unit shelves span usually less than 2 m, the depth is less than 1 m, height, generally within 3 m, common for Angle steel vertical arm shelf structure, smart appearance, beautiful, is mainly suitable for storing light and small goods. Less capital investment, it is widely used in electronics, light industry, culture and education, etc.

2: medium shelf panel racking unit load on each floor, generally between 2008-00 kg, total load is less than 5000 kg in general. Unit shelves span is usually less than 2. 6 m, depth is less than 1 m, highly generally within 3 m. If unit shelves span within 2 m, the layers contained within 500 kg, if the unit shelves span more than 2 m, often choose no beam medium shelf panel shelf relatively appropriate; Normally only choose to have medium beam plate shelves. No beam medium than medium with a beam shelves, layer spacing adjustable scope is bigger, stronger, beautiful, coordination with the environment better, more suitable for some high cleanliness requirements of warehouse; Medium-sized put aside plate beam shelves, industrialization is the distinguishing feature of stronger, more suitable for depositing metal structure products. Medium-sized shelf plate shelves used a light barrier is widespread, applicable to all walks of life.

3: heavy shelf panel racking unit load on each floor are usually between 500 to 1500 kg, unit shelves span generally within 3 m, depth in 1. Less than 2 m, unlimited height, and often combined with a heavy duty pallet racking, phase coexist, the following several layers to put aside plate, artificial access homework, height above 2 m part for pallet racking, usually use forklift access operations. Mainly used in some need both ZhengTuo access and LingCun has the situation, so this type of shelf is common in large warehouse supermarkets and logistics center.

nanjing shelf equipment note: the above content for reference, according to their respective requirements of choose and buy!

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