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Convenience store supermarket shelves equipment layout?

by:Hshelf     2020-06-06
How convenience store supermarket shelves equipment layout is beginners is a headache thing, normal convenience store supermarket layout and the size of the decoration and equipment is together. First in the layout, what are you a good location to the main business categories, general supermarket convenience stores items with alcohol, tobacco, beverage, fusi ( Biscuits, snacks, cooked food, rich food, supplements, etc. ) , fresh ( Vegetables, fruits, aquatic products seafood, fresh meat, bean products, flour products, cooked food, keeping pickles pickled vegetables, frozen food, etc. ) , grain and oil, spices, daily provisions, Chemical washing, knitting supplies, health paper, hutch supplies, plastic products, stainless steel products, etc. ) , style office supplies, hardware appliances, bedding, small small adorn article, etc. Layout: general small supermarket convenience stores the register Settings on the left side of the place that take the door, if for structure and can be located in the place that take the door on the right side of the line reasons, behind the valuable goods in the register and next to the checkout counter placed close to the door opposite the beverage showcase and yogurt reveals ark, small commodities by consumers easily stolen and not easy to find, is usually placed around the counter, so small in front of the area is given priority to with side dishes, daily provisions on the back, commodity associated to connect together, facilitate customer serial of choose and buy, if it is near the mall or the appearance of the catering entertainment is given priority to with FMCG convenience store daily provisions such as class 3 - most do Section 5 shelves can, at least in the main 0. 9 - 1. 2 meters, the size of the parts for the area and equipment conflict leaving at least 0. More than 6 meters, island shelf size option 1. 4 meters - 1. 6 meters, not too high. Economical decoration, decoration of geostrophic with 600 * 600 bo changes a brick is common, usually choose beige or dark color, with orange or pink metope is ideal, the ceiling brush iron gray or blue, every 4 square meters with a daylight lamps, when decorating, be sure to leave a good regional electrical outlet, two doors are best, a toughened glass door, do a few more locks, up and down again in front of the shutter, so we can play a security role. Standard and luxury decoration by your imagination, mainly condole carries on the design and stores the overall design, this is not a standard, some people can spend the least money to decorate the luxurious appearance, see your ideas. Convenience store equipment: 1 set of the cash register, barcode scales, barcode machine + price tag double use machine, beverage showcase 1 - Section 2 ( Provide drinks supply chamber of commerce) Lie reveal ark, yoghurt, ice cream cabinet, frozen food lie ark, smoke wine, the checkout counter, shelves, air conditioning, etc. Here I want to say about the shelves, the supermarket chain, brown and gray iron is chosen mostly convenience store shelves shelves, if deserve to go up decoration has distinguishing feature and show very dignified, shelf size have 0 length. 9 m and 1. 2 meters, design layout according to the actual area to distribution, such as a wall with 4. 52 m, you can order 3 section 1. Section 2 m + 1 0. 9 meters, the width of the shelf against the wall. 45 - 0. 55 meters, height 2 meters - 2. 2 meters, the island shelves are double-sided, length or 0. 9 and 1. 2 meters, width of 0. 8 - 0. 9 meters, height of 1. 2 - 1. 4 - 1. 5 - 1. 6 - 1. 8 m ( The same price) , it is recommended to use 1. 4 - 1. Six meters. If you want to do other supporting services can also add some equipment: shake car, copier, fax, free drinking water machine, sausage machine, microwave heating, free storage battery charger and so on. 。 Correction: general small supermarket convenience stores the register set up in the place that take the door on the right side of the, if because of the structure and use a line can be located in the place that take the door on the left.
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