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by:Hshelf     2020-06-04
Introduction: supermarket, has achieved the effect of blossoming, even is ubiquitous, it also can see how strong they are competitive, but each one is inseparable from the guangzhou the use of supermarket shelves, thus the supermarket shelves with has the how important status in the supermarket.

at present, the shelves of using range is very wide, both large supermarket or a small convenience store, whether large production workshops or individual workshops, whether multinational logistics company or in the same city logistics distribution, in order to effectively save the limited space, most people will choose to use shelves to store goods and products. Guangzhou supermarket shelves of order management is the basic principle of product shelf area scale distribution and market share. Shelves optimization management, therefore, can reduce the shortage risk, reduce the number of replenishment, reducing labor costs, and through the greatest return on investment efficiency and shelf. And, best of shelves for the best products, also can bring other benefits to retailers: (1) the managers to analysis. Easy to display products that meet the market demand trends; (2) make consumer easy shopping efficiently. (3) can improve the order, procurement, inventory system. Guangzhou supermarket shelves made the main factors influencing the shelf price first, the shelves of the material, the material is all steel will be more expensive than wood, but wood display effect may level was high than that of the steel. Second, the type of shelves level, so for small convenience stores, the light shelves, if is a large convenience store or carrying heavy goods, with heavy shelves. So, convenience store shelf price has associated with it. Third, shelf manufacturing costs, because the different region, with qualitative material of labor is different, so led to the convenience store shelves in different parts of the price is also some difference. Fourth, the shelves of the logistics transportation, transportation far, in order to benefit to be made, the manufacturer aspects may also be an increase in the price of some accordingly. So what time is some factors, which affect the price of convenience store shelves. Guangzhou supermarket shelves the quality of the order. About the quality, can pass things. If be ChuDu acquisition, can largely from the details of the local judge. First from the appearances of steel. Steel, with poor appearance could often see a sand holes or sand; Coating of thick book can through detailed investigation and test; From solder joint appearance can see that the machine's fine degree and proficiency of the workers and took the way, some customers don't think solder joints by grinding owe good, actually storage rack solder joints don't grinding, welding out how on how to best. It won't damage the solder joint. First is to look at the configuration of solder joint and technology, it is associated with quality. From the beams of the folding or waves lines can see the thickness of the steel and the hardness, it need a little bit more professional eye. Through the shelves data component can also see the steel weight. If more professional, you need to have the card scale to measure. Usually if not large amount bulk doesn't have to such operations. What data through the practice of the spray is difficult to measure data really thickness. With supermarket shelves factory shelves display than a street vendor to make full use of the open space, decorate the goods in perfect orderly, make the customer be clear at a glance, the fastest product information passed to the customer, through the emotional display of goods, motivate and strengthen the determination to buy; Is also a salesman to provide a high standard of services to customers to operate basic facilities. Both the cabinet shelf, cabinet type shelf, box-type shelves, derrick shelves are used to place different commodities, such as the convenience of our customers selected. A set of a set of shelves separated from different varieties, sales of the sales team, can make the customer entered the store business hall along the shelves of the channel network, see the store operating range of goods. Storage shelves, therefore, the development prospect is very good, is a modern enterprise must make products enters sells saves the management, storage, storage shelves to help you make full use of space, to achieve uniform pile, storage mode is top-notch.
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