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Five kinds of common used shelves in the warehouse operation function

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Five kinds of common used the shelves in the warehouse operation function of

rotary rack function introduction

automatic revolving rack is mechanical and electrical, heavy current and weak current control with the combination of products. It is mainly composed of cargo storage, access and transmission, control and management of the three systems, and to form a complete set of power supply system, air conditioning system, fire alarm system, weighing metering system, information communication system, etc.

rotary rack, simple operation, rapid access homework, is suitable for manufacturing of the electronic components, precision machinery, such as small batch more varieties of storage and management of small items. Shelves rotational speed quickly, can reach speeds of more than 30 m/min. Rotary rack access efficiency is very high, through computer control to realize automatic access and automatic management, fast retrieval function can rapidly find the computer storage, picking, storage can be a paper box, bag, small items. Feeding mouth height is accord with human body engineering, suitable for operation personnel for a long time. Due to the rotary rack can be applied to all kinds of spatial configuration, access into the export fixed, so a higher space utilization. Rotary rack generally have horizontal rotation and vertical rotation in two forms. Horizontal rotary rack and points of an electric motor driven and electric motor driven two forms. With an electric motor driving way is put up and down the layers of the goods together, realize the horizontal rotating automatic shelves. Another horizontal rotating automatic shelves is start, each layer has an electric motor can turn to achieve independence of each layer. The principle of a vertical rotary rack and horizontal rotary rack is roughly same, only vertical and horizontal direction of rotation, make full use of the upper space.

the multi-layer horizontal rotary automatic warehouse is able to make outbound high frequency and variety of goods, the level of goods and speed up the RuChuKu rotary storage. It makes the 'care', 'find', 'yun' three functions in one, both the unique appearance, humanization and cherry-pick speed, province, province of space and many other advantages. 'Custody', refers to the quantity can be according to the form of deposit and the choice of size, is the efficient way of storage. 'Find', that is, as long as the want to RuChuKu position indicator, the required items will call out quickly. And superior information management system of the connection can be made more efficient RuChuKu system. 'Luck', that is, each independent level rotary warehouse handling function, so cherry-pick don't need to walk around.

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