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Fruit and vegetable supermarket rack in detail?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29
Summary: in the process of the production of supermarket shelves supermarket shelves of strength is crucial, the increase of the maximum in the combination of shelves shelves of bearing capacity can better increase the advantage of shelf products in terms of quality.

along with the rapid development of economy, the city is constantly expanding, in rural areas and suburban of city edge business began to grow! Supermarket shelves will usher in a new market, the original basic saturated market share in the city, now can be further expanded in rural and suburban areas. Supermarket shelves because of its simple structure, dismantling is convenient, affordable, is the first choice for small and medium-sized supermarkets goods shelf! At the same time, with the development of business and economic level in the countryside, there will be some like 2 yuan shop, 5 dollar store, store, convenience store, etc. , shop prices lower, they will become the main customer of supermarket shelves! In the vast rural areas, previously self-sufficient self-sufficiency and small retail selling will be standardization, specialization of modern comprehensive shopping center & ndash; — The supermarket replaced! Developed new rural supermarket will have great potential for development, diversity of commodities in the supermarket, the need for a professional grooming put, it is for supermarket shelves industry a new market!

fruit and vegetable supermarket shelves details in guangzhou?

in the supermarket goods put on shelf looks neat and beautiful, the rows of rows of shelves in guangzhou, which placed the shelf of fruits and vegetables & ndash; — Fruits and vegetables, is one of the big bright color. Application of fruit and vegetable rack solves the trouble is put fruits and vegetables, good shows fruits and vegetables. Below under the guangzhou shelf factory is to introduce the fruit and vegetable supermarket shelves of knowledge:

guangzhou fruit and vegetable supermarket shelves can be divided into two kinds: steel and wood fruits and vegetables: fruit and vegetable frame wooden fruit and vegetable rack: 1, wooden shelves mainly by environmental protection board as materials, using a special fire prevention board, plus all sorts of adornment material and the glass makings, guangzhou wooden shelves mostly rugged logs; 2, if the work requires sophisticated, guangzhou shelves only wooden shelf is the best choice; 3, some requirements to prevent conductive objects is also a common guangzhou shelves; 4, the price is cheap, fast assembly, guangzhou shelves may adjust at layer height; 5, neat appearance, beautiful, guangzhou shelf space utilization high; 6, electrostatic spraying, good rust prevention, guangzhou shelves environmental protection practical; Steel fruit and vegetable stand, easy installation, flexible combination, beautiful shape, large inventories, facilitate of fruits, vegetables, display, guangzhou shelves and facilitating the clients to visit and the choose and buy fruits and vegetables.

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