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Gondola Store Fixtures: The Basic Staple of the Retail Store Display

by:Hshelf     2019-12-09

Since 1950, the retail industry has been using gondola rack, because they provide convenience to retail store owners. They are considered necessities of the retail store display even today. Their heavy-duty structures allow them to last for many years. The gondola store fixtures are used as permanent fixtures in almost all retail stores. 

They can still be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing store owners to add or remove storage space. Normally, these shelves have a base, and on top of them, there are shelves with nail plates attached. These gondola shelves are standard fixtures in all retail stores and stand independently. When you walk into the aisles of almost all retail stores, they are what you see. They are mounted on a base with slots, placed vertically. They also have pegboards or rear panels to help support the wares. Gondola store fixtures can also be used by combining with other accessories such as hooks to provide a beautiful design and more functions for retail stores. The Components of Gondola Store Fixtures Gondola shelves can be used in almost any arrangement. 

Their simplified, unique, and customizable flexibility means that they can fit into any environment and are easy to change, meaning store owners can use them for almost any purpose of the retail store display in almost unlimited configurations. Gondola shelves consist of any of the following components: The Freestanding Shelving Unit The freestanding shelving unit is located on the floor, on a solid base deck. The bottom deck is divided into two by a vertical steel wall that supports the shelves on both sides of the unit. Either the backing piece is left in its original state or a pegboard backing can be installed. This allows store owners to hang merchandise on the gondola store fixtures as needed. The freestanding shelving unit can be left as a stand-alone unit or combined with other units to create a large retail store display. These combined shelving units are called 'runs.' The Wall Unit The variant form of the wall-mounted unit is similar to the double-sided freestanding gondola shelving unit, but it has a single shelf on only one side, so the unit can be placed against the wall. The End Cap The gondola end cap can be combined with a free-standing gondola shelving unit(s) for more uses. 

It can be set up very quickly to show specials and other 'impulse buy' items. The end caps of gondola store fixtures are usually placed at the end of the aisle for best visibility and taking advantage of customers' impulse buying tendencies to achieve the best purpose of the retail store display. What are the Benefits of Gondola Store Fixtures? 1. They can be instantly set up anywhere. Gondola shelves can be quickly set up and disassembled. Unlike permanently installed shelves, this allows store owners to create new shelving configurations as needed and provides their products with display flexibility that they wouldn't otherwise have. 2. They are easily adjustable and changeable. Gondola shelves can be adjusted in 1-inch height increments and can be held in a horizontal position, tilted up or down as needed. Although many gondola store fixtures adopt heavy-duty steel frames, the glass, wood, and other materials are also available on request for a customized and truly unique look and for the purpose of the retail store display. 3. They do not need post attachments. Because the gondola shelves are supported and stabilized by fixing themselves to the back wall, they can be secured without the need for post attachments. This helps display products with the best visibility and makes the setup easy. 4. They are available in a variety of heights Gondola shelving units come in a variety of heights to meet the needs of retail store owners. This enables them to choose the exact height required for their retail space and meet the purpose of the retail store display without having to make do with shelves that are too tall or too short. 5. They do not waste floor space. The easy setup capability of gondola store fixtures means that no floor space is wasted, as they can be easily moved to wherever needed. Unlike permanent fixtures, store owners can change the configuration of the store layout at any time. 6. They can be used with many accessories. Gondola shelves come with dividing walls and are equipped with slatwalls or pegboards, meaning that store owners can opt for displays other than standard retail store shelving. Accessories that can be used on gondola shelves include hooks or hanging pegs to display bags and accessories, wire baskets for magazine display, shelf dividers to split up shelf displays, and LED lights to illuminate displays. 7. They are long term investments. With their sturdy and high-quality construction, a single investment in gondola store fixtures can last for years. In addition, because of their versatility, retail store owners don't have to purchase many kinds of shelves for the retail store display they need. Gondola shelves can 'do almost everything' - saving time and money.

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