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Heavy shelves when using safety instructions

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15
Heavy shelves of safety instructions when using 1, heavy shelves use to prevent top-heavy: should be high light cargo, the underlying principle of put heavy stuff.

2, heavy shelves use to prevent overload, each layer of weight of the goods stored shall not exceed the shelves design load.

3, heavy shelves use to prevent super high wide: shelves layer, layer width has been restricted, card board and the size of the goods should be slightly less than 100 mm net space.

4, heavy shelves to prevent the impact of use: forklift in the running process, should take put down gently.

5, heavy shelves to use shelf have put the goods, the operator do not directly into the bottom shelf.

6, with the use of heavy shelves to prevent nonstandard bedplate ( Card board) Bottom is suitable for use on shelves, sichuan word.

when using heavy shelves, when the goods more than 8 meters high, a special attention to the place is that it needs to have the corresponding handling machinery.

due to the total channel area is big, so the storage density is smaller than other systems.

heavy shelves the height is adjustable, with various types and stacker forklift, heavy-duty storage shelves can realize quick access of various tray unit goods is up to 2000 kg, is a common way to store industry. Each piece of tray can separate deposit or move without the need for other tray. Can adapt to various types of shelves. Heavy-duty storage shelves can according to the size of goods requirements, adjust the height of the beam. Big circulation of goods, loading and unloading rapidly. Simple equipment, low cost, can quickly install and assemble.

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