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How do enterprises purchase heavy shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-01
At present, many manufacturing enterprises will use shelves in large quantities. Many enterprises will pay great attention to the quality of shelves when choosing shelves, but in fact, the quality of shelves is only an important factor when choosing shelves, also judge according to your actual use. Generally speaking, the choice of heavy shelves is different from that of ordinary light shelves, because the application occasions are different, so the choice must be made differently. The following is a brief explanation of how to choose heavy Hshelf Shop Shelving by Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. Generally speaking, heavy shelves are composed of width, depth and height, and the following contents of several points that should be paid attention to when selecting heavy shelves will be involved. Heavy-duty shelves are widely used in various Warehouse Projects. Hanging ears are used to connect the beams and columns, and the position of the laminate can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the storage shelves, thus increasing the flexibility of inventory, the method of increasing the connection between the main frame and the auxiliary frame can save storage space and reduce the cost. When choosing a storage heavy shelf, you should know the area and the lowest point of the warehouse, so that the planned shelves and the storage effect of the warehouse are of great help. The heavy shelf load of the warehouse is relatively good, and the load of each floor can reach 800- 4000, the desired height can be designed according to the height of the warehouse. When choosing to buy Suzhou heavy-duty shelves, it is generally necessary to choose manufacturers with credibility. When choosing manufacturers, it is generally necessary to consider from the aspects of manufacturer's reputation, product quality and after-sales service. Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. is a professional shelf production and sales company. The reason why it has become a leader in Suzhou heavy shelf sales must be able to withstand consumer inspection. You are welcome to consult the store at any time.

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