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How to choose shelves and extend their service life?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-21

we can now see all kinds of Hshelf Shop Shelving everywhere, and the utilization rate is the highest in supermarkets, warehouses and other places in Suzhou, however, many people do not know how to buy the shelves, and do not know how to extend the service life, then let Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. tell us how to buy Suzhou shelves and how to extend the service life.

1. How to buy Suzhou Hshelf Shop Shelving. There are mainly three storage methods for shelves: manual storage shelves, forklift storage shelves and automatic storage shelves, at present, the shelves in our market are generally made of steel, which has the characteristics of high cost performance, large bearing capacity, long service life and so on. It is an ideal material for storing goods, therefore, a qualified shelf manufacturer should integrate design, production, installation and after-sales, which can not only 'tailor-made' the perfect storage planning scheme for customers, but also produce and install shelves, it is also necessary to provide timely after-sales installation service, so it is very important to choose the right manufacturer in the process of purchasing. 2. Extend the service life of Suzhou shelves. This problem is also the most concerned issue for businesses. In order to reduce the inevitable losses such as rust on shelves, extending the service life of shelves is a top priority. We can regularly apply protective paint on the surface of Suzhou shelves to reduce the occurrence of rust. In addition, we also need to do daily inspections. If there are loose screws, they should be fixed in time, and do a good job of timely ventilation, it is best to ensure that excessive sunlight is avoided, to ensure that the warehouse is not excessively wet. It should also be noted that we have to stipulate the use system of Suzhou shelves. Different warehouses and goods have different methods of use. The above is about the method of purchasing Suzhou shelves and the method of prolonging the service life. I believe you must know something. Suzhou Changshan shelf Co. , Ltd. has strong technical force, its titanium alloy shelves, display cabinets and other products have the characteristics of convenient disassembly and assembly, strong load and flexible movement. Due to its comprehensive technology and advanced equipment, therefore, we can provide thoughtful service with the best quality products and the most satisfactory price. Of course, if you still have questions about Suzhou shelves, welcome to consult: Suzhou Changda shelves Co. , Ltd.

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