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How to extend shelf usage and how to buy?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-26
At present, the application scope of shelves is more and more extensive, ranging from Suzhou warehouses or ferries to supermarkets or individual families. The market has a wide variety of shelves with mixed quality. Most people may not know how to choose shelves, and there is no clue about how to extend the shelf life. Next, Xiaobian will bring you how to extend the shelf life and how to buy it? First, how to extend the shelf life: This issue is also the most concerned issue of the business, in order to reduce the inevitable loss of shelf rust, etc. , to extend the shelf life is a top priority. Our usual method is to regularly apply protective paint on the surface of the shelf to reduce the occurrence of rust. In addition, we need to do a good job of timely ventilation and strengthen daily inspections, if there are loose screws, fix them in time, and then make sure to avoid direct sunlight and ensure that the humidity in the warehouse is within an appropriate range. It should also be noted that we have to stipulate the use system of Suzhou shelves. Different warehouses and goods have different methods of use. Second, how to buy Suzhou shelves: There are mainly three storage methods for shelves: forklift access storage Hshelf Shop Shelving, manual access storage shelves and automatic access storage shelves, at present, the shelves in our market are generally made of steel, which has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, high cost performance, long service life and so on. It is the most ideal material for carrying Hshelf Shop Shelving, therefore, a qualified shelf manufacturer should integrate production, design, installation and after-sales, and can produce and install shelves ,, it can also 'tailor-made' the perfect storage planning scheme for customers, and at the same time provide timely after-sales installation services. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, the choice of manufacturers is very important. After listening to the specific introduction of Xiaobian, I believe you will know more about how to extend the shelf usage in Suzhou and how to purchase it. Suzhou Changda shelf Co. , Ltd. has a long history in shelf production, and the product market has a good reputation, and the price has advantages in the same industry. The company is worthy of your trust, and the company's customer service staff is always ready to answer your other questions about the shelves.

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