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How to extend the service life of medium-sized shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-01-27

How to extend the service life of medium-sized Hshelf Shop Shelving is very important for the daily shelf cleaning and maintenance of stores, so daily maintenance cannot be ignored. At the same time, shelves should also follow the shelf management standards during use, in this way, the service life of the shelf can be fully extended. Today, Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. will introduce it to you.

1, often clean, medium-sized Hshelf Shop Shelving should always maintain a good in-store environment and a high level of clean atmosphere. 2, thoroughly clean, thoroughly clean the working environment in the store every day, and often maintain, so that the medium-sized shelves to achieve a spotless effect. 3, standardized, orderly rectification, the useful products or items are standardized, orderly placed in the place where they should be placed, so that the store environment is clear at a glance, in order to reduce the time to find items or products; The display of products should be arranged according to the size of the capacity, and the surplus products and backlog items should be removed so that they can be used at any time; The items placed on the computer, air conditioner, front and rear counters should reflect the noble, generous, eye-catching and solemn style of the products on the shelves to attract the attention of consumers. 4, regular finishing, to regularly sort out the products on the shelves, find some useful but expired or useless products, throw them away, in order to make more space to place items, and to prevent misuse and misuse, to create a refreshing indoor environment. How to extend the service life of medium-sized Hshelf Shop Shelving? Through the above points, everyone has a certain understanding. When using shelves, they must be cleaned and maintained regularly so that they can be better used. For more questions about medium-sized shelves, please consult Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd.

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