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Light storage shelves of conventional specifications and affect the cost of a few main factors

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
Light storage shelves of general specification and affect the cost of a few main factors to

the characteristics of light storage shelves and using environment

light storage shelves use, is assembled with infixing pattern. The install and disassemble because it is steel layer board can each layer can be bearing 300 kg is adjusted up and down with a 50 mm, meet a variety of storage needs. Shelves by pillar, layer board, Angle code, card pin, bolt and plastic foot. Light storage shelves routine specifications 2000 * 500 * 15002000 * 500 * 12002000 * 500 * 20002000 * 500 * 10002000 * 600 * 15002000 * 400 * 12002000 * 400 * 1500 in warehouse equipment, shelf is specially used to store into a storage equipment items. Shelves in logistics and warehouse occupies very important position, with the rapid development of modern industry, through put a substantial increase, to realize the modernization of the warehouse management, improve the function of the warehouse, not only requires shelves number, has multi-function and requirement, and can realize mechanization, automation requirements. Around the store in order to adapt to the new situation, improve their competitive ability, and efforts to the business hall of general adjustment, the effect of display shelves, counters and other main commodity display apparatus some modification, some with the new frame, make the appearance of the business hall to look brand-new.

several factors affecting the price of storage shelves:

1, the structure of the shelves, shelves of the specifications of the bearing requirements of 2, 3 manufacturer process and its management system, shelf factory is located the external conditions of tax structure of hydropower house price 4, shelves and materials.

main is 3 big, columns, beams and floor slab, the thickness of the plate, the specification is to determine the price factors.

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