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Part of the supermarket shelves and characteristics

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18
As people living standard improving, the supermarket industry is becoming more and more popular, rather than the traditional grocery store, become the main place of modern life people shopping. Relative to character, the development of all kinds of supermarket also lead to the development of the supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves for a number of provinces and cities large supermarkets provide a large number of supermarket shelves, supermarket will choose edge Thai anda storage equipment co. , LTD. , the production of supermarket shelves, is a high quality service, the other is supermarket shelves of quality assurance. Part of the supermarket shelves: by column, floor, floor board, back, top cover plate, stents, foot, guardrail, barrier, price ticket, etc. Different components of different styles, the back can be a centre back, back, orifice. Cleaning with light boxes, tubes, billboards, etc. Supermarket shelves design elegant, convenient installation, strong and durable, suitable for supermarkets, stores, shops and other display products. General bearing within every layer of 200 kg. Supermarket shelves in addition to the exquisite design, there are many advantages to attract the attention of the merchants. 1. Appearance of luxurious, elegant is tonal, integrated with modern market environment, pioneered the business of new concept 2. Surface electrostatic pensu processing, using epoxy resin has a variety of colors, and with strong corrosion, rust effect 3. Good commonality, equipped with a wide variety of goods on display special fittings, is suitable for the demand four comprehensive supermarket. Beautiful and easy, firm structure, varied specifications; Design modelling with time, supermarket shelves is single shelf can be combined with each other, one side shelf can be combined with Angle, both sides can be combined with semicircle; The layer spacing can be adjusted, is noble generous. 5. Easy installation, a variety of linked with either choice, surface treatment shot blasting derusting, degreasing and surface coating.
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