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Shelves and lighting design

by:Hshelf     2020-05-25
Shelf placement, as well as the design of the light shelf put and the design of the light shelf put and the design of the light shelf factory d esselte storage equipment co. , LTD. The main products are storage shelves, storage shelves, shelves, display shelves, shelves, shelves wholesale, light shelf, medium shelf, heavy shelf, special purpose ( Extension classes) Shelves, shelves, supermarket shelves, parts stands and racks, logistics handling equipment, cable products, metal processing, such as large shelf company. In recent years, with the development of logistics warehousing, too, shelf industry also gradually entered the peak period of development, the main purpose of the shelf is in order to display goods, generally do not use irritating color, so as to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. As a result, goods shelves and commodities, the color relations between must take into account the usual color. Such as colorful products, shelf color to gray; Light color goods, shelf color should be deep; Dark goods, shelf color should be light. ( 1) Shelves and commodities colorific collocation is to play a role as the background color of the foil, business hall displays goods and goods shelves, need to get plenty of light, it is very important to promote the sale of goods. ( 2) Light Settings should strive to make the light close to natural light, it does not affect the natural color of goods, the general store lighting layout and the overall and local illumination method: in commodities, the top and inside of the cabinet, goods ark, is added with local lighting lamps and lanterns, to ensure that the goods is clear. ( 3) Luminosity is not perfect enough lighting, lighting should be in the position of the shelf to the location of the proposed lighting, and cabinet, cabinet lighting should consider light cast light range, according to the cabinet, cabinet to adjust the actual size. ( 4) Each of the different styles and categories of lamps and lanterns, has its fixed effects and functions, designers must first understand the purpose of the lighting configuration of lamps and lanterns is in order. Outside of the information collected, can provide effective reference for the design of the shelves. Who can grasp the 'intelligence', therefore, using the data, who can leave the information of the enlightenment, inspires to the various shelves creative new ideas. Thus, display shelves of the display and lighting design, also have a certain skill, to be able to fully grasp of these will be more yes goods more competitive. Shelves of esselte warehouse equipment factory co. , LTD for many years dedicated to each industry factory, warehouse and logistics center, to provide customers in the whole process of the storage system solutions and thoughtful service.
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