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Shelves the demand of the market will change with the development of science and technology

by:Hshelf     2020-05-26

shelves the demand of the market will change with the development of science and technology

shelves market demand change summarized in the following three aspects:

a, mechanization of logistics, logistics automation add year by year. Demand is keep adding the AS/RS, the company hit a professional use also has great extend. First gathered in the tobacco, military, medicine, machinery, now has been extended to cars, food, clothing, textile, papermaking, books and farm product, wine making, building, railway and other fields.

two, with more and more of the storage system. From the narrow roadway rack ( VNA shelves, through type shelf) , development to the current more useful academic racking system, mobile racking, etc.

three, over the years, shelf rapid growth of exports. , on the other hand, through many years of collaboration, some of the domestic companies and foreign buyers has established the stable cooperation relations between the supply and sales, domestic market competition becomes more intense, foreign trade export, become important affairs in domestic production company, one of the shelves.

shelf industry present situation and prospect analysis of

as foreign companies flood into China's Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region, not only led to the development of local economy, and it also brings new management concept and management technology. With the continuous increase of enterprise scale, enterprise standardization, efficiency, the warehouse is referred to the agenda. Put aside plate rack is one of the important tools, and improve the efficiency of modern warehouse so shelf industry also arises at the historic moment. Shelves as an industry can date back to last century nineties. Germany and Hong Kong companies in the late eighty s and early 'ninety s focused on shanghai-nanjing line set up storage equipment company, the main production of beam type shelf, investors increasingly see the shelf industry development prospects in China. Then the Swiss company establish a shelf company in Shanghai, shelf production technology in domestic has been developed. With the shelves of the local production technology gradually perfect, in order to save costs, more and more foreign companies chose to purchase cantilever shelves, the shelves of our country industry produced accordingly. Although the shelf industry rapid development in China is still in the stage, but as the foreign shelf industry company in China, must present the development of some new features. First of all, the single shelf industry technology in China, and there is no corresponding industry becomes the norm, industry area is relatively concentrated, only choose different shelves supplier demand unit, and there is no chance to choose different shelves, because shelves nationwide industry products are the same. But after the same industry in abroad, there are differences in the quality of shelf products, then competition must be intensified. Secondly, as the more foreign capital into China's market, bound to lead to more and more enterprises to operate specification, improve business efficiency will begin from this third profit source, logistics, more and more people will gradually recognized the necessity of shelves, each enterprise is more and more demand for shelves.

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