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Steel-wood combination of shelves in the high-end application of maternal and infant supplies store

by:Hshelf     2020-05-15

steel shelves because we also have the advantages of steel and wooden shelves, is the favour of high-end retail stores! First, gangmu combination of shelves carry system adopts steel structure, increase the bearing capacity, make shelf is out of shape not easily; Second, decorated with wooden the side and the wooden floor board of merchandising support plate, wood grain on the surface of the wood texture and can foil a green, natural, organic, no added, such as concept, to foil the style and quality of goods and shops. Hangzhou gangmu combination of shelves, supermarket shelves production are designed for high-end maternal and child supplies of goods store display and the design of research and development design, summarizes the display mode of maternal and infant supplies, are summarized as follows, for customer reference:

1. Single mother tall ark

single tall ark is generally used for milk powder, diapers and clothes on display, height at around 2400. Can be added at the bottom of the wooden bottom ark, can add with light box at the top. General use woodiness floor board or glass layer board to exhibit the milk powder and diapers. Steel-wood combination of shelf has the following characteristics:

1) , layer board before and after using steel pipe beam support, stronger bearing capacity ( Market normal shelf layer board is about support, because force large span to bending deformation) ;

2) , pillar contact hole design, layer board height can be adjusted freely;

3) , the frame connected with vice frame, shelves more stable;

4) , all layer plate can be equipped with LED lights.

display of maternal and infant clothing can not only use stacked layer board, you can also use Angle bead hook hang up the stereoscopic the infant child clothing, show clothing design more intuitive. When need to take out the layer board with hook line, shelf backplane or constant, so the whole shop single tall ark is more unified coordination.

2。 Double island ark

island cabinets used for supplies, toys, and some main products display, high in 1350, is a core area of the store display props. Shelf structure and single tall ark, just more shelves middle side back, can double sided display different goods. Not only has the advantages of single tall ark: the main frame, layer board height is adjustable and can be attached before and after the layer board support, and can be connected end shelf, make each direction of the island there are goods to customers.

3。 Shelves box

shelves box can make goods more eye-catching bright, also can improve the whole level of the shop. Single tall ark and island ark light boxes can be mounted to the top, used for advertising or commodity classification guides; Each layer of the layer board layer board can be hidden at the bottom of the add LED lights, didn't see the lights for the light, make products more prominent!

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