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Supermarket fruit and vegetable shelf to how to choose and put?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
Now is gradually improve people's living standard, the super industries are developed, many people are buying fruits and vegetables will choose to go to the supermarket to buy; In fact, fruit and vegetable shelves in the supermarkets in the selection and put on display also is to have cultured very much, so do you know how to choose fruits and vegetables shelves? Small make up take you to take a look at next: first of all take into account the characteristics of fruits and vegetables, fresh food is more special, not suitable for the conventional double supermarket shelves or single supermarket shelves display, must use special fruit and vegetable shelf, and direct contact with fruit and vegetable layer board, display boxes, etc. Had better not use iron or wooden, avoid rust or rot. Second of fruit and vegetable shelf put into account, if put the fruit and vegetable shelves in position against the wall, is generally suitable for choosing can reasonable use of supermarket space, and will not affect the fruits and vegetables show the single shelf. Also is a kind of is the frame center put way of fruit and vegetable, can take advantage of the display area is larger supermarket fruit and vegetable shelf display, convenient past customers pick the fruits and vegetables; Also can use make fresh pile head show supermarket fruit and vegetable basket, for customers to form the visual impact. Above is the small make up summed up on fruits and vegetables to put and selection, what if the shelves don't understand, welcome consulting shelf factory!
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