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Supermarket own-brand products on the shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
At wal-mart, China resources vanguard, everyone is very happy, in the supermarket shelves were found to have its own brand of merchandise sales. Wal-mart supermarket own-brand line-up with considerable scale, clothing, grain, oil, food and cosmetic fields, you can find a supermarket & throughout; Throughout their products &; The goods. According to the staff, the supermarket also often in their own brand marketing activities, activities will be all of the brand to a centralized, consumers show. China resources vanguard supermarket own brand, daily necessities and food 2 class, twice the own brand famous brand product category. Many people in the supermarket own brand concept is not clear. The company told us that it refers to the supermarket own brand brand registration, and then set up a production base and select the appropriate production enterprise production, the final cover their own registered trademark into their store sales of products. Own brand support for daily necessities and food in the supermarket, because these items belong to the high frequency of use, easy to drive the supermarket sales. China resources vanguard marketing manager also tells us, save intermediate cycle supermarket's own brand, increase profits, so the lower the price to attract many similar products of consumers, it also sold.
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