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Supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-05-17
Introduction: supermarket shelves to put is exquisite skills, to the use of human body engineering on the basis of considering 3 positions for the shelves, consider the customer and the direction of the line of sight, also is to use a line combination, how to consider the product and shelf organic combination, and so on, if used for the product sales and fast circulation has very big benefits.

along with the rapid development of economy, the city is constantly expanding, in rural areas and suburban of city edge business began to grow! Supermarket shelves will usher in a new market, the original basic saturated market share in the city, now can be further expanded in rural and suburban areas. Supermarket shelves because of its simple structure, dismantling is convenient, affordable, is the first choice for small and medium-sized supermarkets goods shelf! At the same time, with the development of business and economic level in the countryside, there will be some like 2 yuan shop, 5 dollar store, store, convenience store, etc. , shop prices lower, they will become the main customer of supermarket shelves! In the vast rural areas, previously self-sufficient self-sufficiency and small retail selling will be standardization, specialization of modern comprehensive shopping center & ndash; — The supermarket replaced! Developed new rural supermarket will have great potential for development, diversity of commodities in the supermarket, the need for a professional grooming put, it is for supermarket shelves industry a new market! Guangzhou supermarket shelves main parts as follows: by column, floor, floor board, back, top cover plate, stents, foot, guardrail, barrier, price ticket, etc. Different components of different styles, the back can be a centre back, back, orifice. Cleaning with light boxes, tubes, billboards, etc. Supermarket shelves design elegant, convenient installation, strong and durable, suitable for supermarkets, stores, shops and other display products. General bearing within every layer of 200 kg. Guangzhou customized storage shelves, old brand public praise good a storage shelves, embellish of shelves, really trust of a factory shelves, rich experience, according to the actual circumstance of your warehouse for you design for your storage shelves, free design, easy installation of a kind of storage shelves, can tear open outfit, can be a kind of long-distance storage storage shelves!
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