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Supermarket shelves classification introduced!

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22
Introduction: the supermarkets in China has developed to a high degree, can be said to be can see downstairs to go out, and often there are several supermarkets in a village then, between the development of supermarket in China is how quickly, may be the cause of our fellow domestic number is more! But this is not we need to know, what we need is the characteristics and the development of supermarket shelves

the current domestic retail formats can be roughly divided into hypermarket, supermarket, convenience store. Convenience store area is in commonly 500 square below; The area of the community shops under three thousand square; The area of comprehensive supermarket under 8000 square meters, mall area is generally in more than 8000 square meters. So different forms with different styles and price goods shelves to display, so it is important for the choice of the supermarket shelves. Supermarket has now become an indispensable social stores, shopping malls or small supermarket is inseparable from the shelves. Different with various types of supermarket shelves to foil a beautiful goods and display form. Let's these shoppers are more likely to find the goods we need. Next, we introduce the classification of a supermarket shelves: 1, in the small and medium-sized supermarkets, mainly small back mesh shelves, small changing hangs Taiwan shelves, shelves, shelf, Angle steel shelves, etc. , these can let supermarket flexible multilateral, practical and reliable. Main is divided into 2, large shopping malls, large back net is shelves, storage of supermarket shelves, iron wood combined with supermarket shelves, shelves, electric appliances, single backboard of merit goods shelves, and so on. With different type shelves to supermarket reflects the different advantages and characteristic. Guangzhou embellish of shelf factory is a predominantly storage equipment, supermarket shelves and auxiliary rack manufacturer, my company's storage products all over the country, especially a loft is heavy shelves shelves factory's main support, the characteristics of heavy attic trustworthy in bearing, and it is also the warehouse manager and the boss wanted.

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