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Supermarket shelves daily cleaning need to pay attention to what problem

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18
We know that supermarket shelves not only has the function of the storage, more important is to show the function, so its cleanliness directly affect the consumers' first impressions, if supermarket shelves for a long time not to clean let the consumer feel display commodities have old stock, will reduce consumers' desire to buy, especially for some fresh products, fruit or vegetable display shelf, if is dirt or stains will let the consumer feel these fruits and vegetables are not health, reduce the consumer's purchase desire. So how about supermarket shelves clean thoroughly? The cleanness of supermarket shelves need to pay attention to what issues? 1, when wipe supermarket shelves reveals ark, people need physical some cotton fabric with a towel to wipe, so it effectively avoid when wiping for shelves. 2, in the dust is wiped, unfavorable use dry cloth to wipe, it is best to use wet cloth to wipe, wipe the dust effect will be better. 3, in the supermarket shelves of wiping, unfavorable use soap detergent for cleaning water, detergent, because these fluids has certain corrosion resistance, can cause some damage to the shelves. 4, supermarket shelves, when cleaning, not directly on the spray wax processing, because such improper use can be a mist over the surface of the shelf of the spots.
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