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Supermarket shelves display advantage is neat and beautiful

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
Abstract: with the rapid development of economy, cities are constantly expanding, in rural areas and suburban of city edge business began to grow! Supermarket shelves will usher in a new market, the original basic saturated market share in the city, now can be further expanded in rural and suburban areas. Supermarket shelves because of its simple structure, dismantling is convenient, affordable, is the first choice for small and medium-sized supermarkets

with the continuous development of The Times and progress, people not only to the requirement of consumer goods increased, but also learned to enjoy life more, pay more attention to the brand image, etc. Therefore supermarket shelves design and technology of the good or bad, will directly affect the product sales and brand image. In recent years, supermarket shelves in such aspects as design, process, production had great progress. Guangzhou supermarket shelves display has the advantage of neat and beautiful, commodity display fully, is advantageous for the finishing, hygiene, quantity, delivery, etc; Defect is merchandising occupy larger area, hook display quantity is relatively small. So this method is more in the supermarket business area of relatively large, More than 100 m2) That shelf under the condition of using more sufficient resources. Guangzhou supermarket shelves characteristics 1, beautiful and easy, firm structure, varied specifications; Design modelling with time, supermarket shelves is single shelf can be combined with each other, layer spacing can be adjusted, is noble and generous; 2, luxurious appearance, color and elegant, with modern market environment be in harmony are an organic whole, created the new concept of the business; 3, increasing the thickness of the bracket, enhance the capacity of the retainer, add reinforced layer board, to meet the capacity of the shopping malls to heavy goods; 4, surface electrostatic pensu processing, using epoxy resin has a variety of colors, and with strong corrosion, rust effect; 5, easy installation, main frame. 6, good generality, equipped with a wide variety of goods on display special accessories, suitable for comprehensive super market demand; 7, surface treatment shot blasting derusting, degreasing, surface coating; 8, the new supermarket shelves, high grade, atmospheric resistance to dirty old, don't have to wipe shelves every day. Guangzhou supermarket shelves to same category and the height of the goods, similar to the size of the volume of goods to be in the same day, the same layer shelves; Adjust shelves floor of each layer spacing to slightly less than the height of the display. Loading when in front of the main view facing out goods, in order to make the display & other; Stand & throughout; And the lower side of the goods must be unified neatly folded back, such goods after operation can slightly behind to tilt, less if the number on the back is not enough to make it & other; Stereoscopic display & throughout; , under the condition of the back goods must be neatly & other; Lay down & throughout; After stack, provide support for the first row of goods, such goods will forward a bit down after operation, display by shelves floor of each layer spacing slightly smaller than the height of the commodity, the price of a layer of shelf article will cover to cover the top side for display properly, can make the goods very well & other; Stand & throughout; Accept customers choose. Display has the advantage of this method can not only make neat and beautiful, and to remind the guide store shelves was fully available resources, the disadvantage is that tally, health, clean and slightly larger workload, so many business area is relatively small, in the supermarket shelf using resources more nervous. Guangzhou storage shelves factory development cannot leave the general customers the support and love, the progress of the enterprise depends on common efforts. Hope, shelf factory with enterprises to create more value, can cooperate with many companies, to develop together, make progress together.
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