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Supermarket shelves display and color collocation is more attract customers favor?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16

a shop to get the customer's favor, in addition to product quality and service attitude, product placement and the collocation of color is also a decisive factor. So how supermarket shelves display and colour collocation is more attract customers favor?

goods shelves and the color relations between goods, you must take into account the usual color. Such as colorful products, shelf color to gray; Light color goods, shelf color should be deep; Dark goods, shelf color should be light. Supermarket shelves and commodities colorific collocation is to play a role as the background color of foil.

the first goods can add to the particularity of the main pile, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. , some items are more sensitive to temperature, light, cold storage with glass frame, some precious commodity of shelves of the safety measures and special requirements, some of goods available for direct contact with customers, in the design to provide customers with more convenient enough.

second supermarket shelves design should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, make commodities can effectively show the variety of different decorate level to arrange. At the same store, supermarket shelves should be basic unified modelling, the purpose is to make a neat, orderly environment, a good atmosphere for shopping.

and now store supermarket shelves design besides should be based on functional requirements, the form of contemporary feeling, is shaping the main aspects of store image. Business hall displays goods and goods shelves, need to get plenty of light, it is very important to promote the sale of goods.

the last light Settings should strive to make the light close to natural light, so it will not affect the natural color of goods.

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