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Supermarket shelves essential characteristics of seven

by:Hshelf     2020-05-20
Introduction: supermarket shelves system suitable for supermarkets, warehouse stores, etc. Besides shelves main body, the supermarket system and all kinds of containers, cages, handling, material handling equipment, crossed by hand picking trolley, supermarket bar code system, cashier management system, booking, storage, sales of computer hardware and software system, etc. , there are many kinds of supermarket shelves, including: glass supermarket shelves, mobile racking,

supermarket shelves supermarket, has achieved the effect of blossoming, even is ubiquitous, it also can see how strong they are competitive, but each one is inseparable from the guangzhou supermarket shelves use, thus the supermarket shelves with has the how important status in the supermarket.

with the passage of time, the supermarket rack has been improved, in 2016, what is the biggest characteristic of supermarket shelves? , think of seven essential features: 1, the design modelling more times style, firm structure, the spacing layer can be adjusted to seem to be noble and generous, apply to convenience stores use; 2, luxurious appearance, color and elegant, with modern market environment be in harmony are an organic whole, created the new concept of the business; 3, heightening the arm of the root system, increase the ability of retainer, the width of the laminates, length increase, to meet the capacity of the shopping malls to heavy goods; 4, surface using epoxy resin electrostatic pensu processing, color can be according to customer needs, and with strong corrosion, rust effect; 5, easy installation, a variety of linked with any choice; 6 welding, columns and footings connected, increase the shelves coefficient of insurance, to prevent the shelf handles in gradient under strong condition, eliminate mall hidden danger; 7, good generality, equipped with a wide variety of goods on display special accessories, meet the demands of comprehensive supermarket.

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