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Supermarket shelves how can human nature

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21
Countless in a variety of shops in a wide variety of products, each product needs to be an outstanding display position, and it also introduce some shops space use question. How to be able to protect the goods at the same time can improve the effect of the goods show, supermarket shelves due to the people of this problem, arises at the historic moment, it can not improve space utilization rate of the supermarket, also have an effect to attract customers. So the supermarket shelves for a supermarket plays an important role. Because all kinds of products of different shape, size, characteristics, reason of the kinds of supermarket shelves also puts forward different requirements, to achieve the best display effect, it is best equipped with different supermarket shelves. A variety of different products on supermarket shelves demand reflected in which aspects? First embodied in the product whether can pile up, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk and so on, some products are sensitive to light, temperature, cold storage with glass frame, some valuable products of shelves of the safety measures and special needs, some customers have a direct touch products, in the planning for more supply to satisfy the customer's convenience.
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