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Supermarket shelves how to layout is reasonable

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21

with the supermarket shelf display of goods than a street vendor to make full use of the operating space, the purpose is to put the goods arrangement in order to make the customer be clear at a glance, the fastest product information passed on to customers, through the emotional display of goods, motivate and strengthen the determination to buy; Is also a salesman to provide a high standard of services to customers to operate basic facilities. Both the cabinet shelf, cabinet type shelf, box-type shelves, derrick shelves are used to place different commodities, such as the convenience of our customers selected. A set of a set of shelves separated from different varieties, sales of the sales team, can make the customer entered the store business hall along the shelves of channel network, see the store operating range of all kinds of goods, store sales service has to be done before the shelves with customers directly.

shelf is referring to the store business hall and placed in the near future to pin display cabinet, racks, cabinets, boxes and other equipment. Stores all over in recent years, in order to adapt to the new situation, improve their competitive ability, effort is a general effect of the business hall display adjustment, supermarket shelves, counters and other major commodity display apparatus some modification, some with the new frame, make the business hall taken on a new look.

supermarket shelves to dust, should be set transparent organic glass, with transparent organic glass display cabinet, has excellent display effect. In addition, a variety of reinforced plastics, synthetic wood and related new materials and are also being gradually pushed wide applications. Shelves in order to display goods, generally do not use irritating color, so as to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. But commodities display stand with the color relations between, you must take into account the usual color effect.

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