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Supermarket shelves in the supermarket of the position

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21

supermarket, has achieved the effect of blossoming, even is ubiquitous, it also can see how strong they are competitive, but every one without the use of supermarket shelves, thus the supermarket shelves with has the how important status in the supermarket.

we often can see. In some supermarkets entry to put some daily necessities, and with more beautiful supermarket shelves put such as shampoo, cosmetics, paper towels, etc, which are frequently used while at the exit need to put some small commodities, commodity. Things which are frequently used as salt sauce vinegar tea rice must be kept where it is relatively easy to find. While the supermarket shelves will be used in these places don't name is downy and pleasing to the eye of the supermarket shelves, Nick.

these are the important parts of the supermarket shelves, as everyday items, is the largest category in the supermarket sales, it is need to one eye can see the important place, and some snacks to taste, small items, after strolling in the supermarket, you can pick up convenience, that is.

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