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Supermarket shelves is how much money a set price

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Although the current rise in prices soon, many things are in the price, everything, everything, including supermarket shelves are on the rise, in fact, there is something not rising, wages, isn't it! And, the most important things is still you where is the location of supermarket shelves, it is common to have medium, there is also a heavy, also look at you the location of the consumer groups, ordinary general price is single side is less than 200, double-sided within 300, but the medium is expensive, is also look at your back net type or backplane, backplane expensive, back net type is cheaper, can look for professional consulting do shelves. Nonsense not much said, according to the current price of supermarket shelves, how much is a set of, in fact, this also is not very expensive, after all, in accordance with the present prices, is really is not expensive, and adopted different specifications, different materials, nature also can have different prices, you can consult the current prices of our company, contact phone number is: 400 - 888 - 1286
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