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Supermarket shelves is the important key of goods on display

by:Hshelf     2020-05-20

in every supermarket are used to the supermarket shelves, but also has the need to focus on displaying products, this is the goods display shelves use, because it can highlight the main points of the goods is also will strengthen the visual impact. But, he also has a certain scientific light, such as:

1. When put on display, need to make sure that goods of the appropriate size and space, 2. In the design of the supermarket shelves, not only need to consider the functionality, you also need to consider the modern and beautiful image. 3. Put on display shelf to guarantee enough light. 4. In the display of goods, need to take into account the colour collocation between each product, have the sense of rhythm.

but also the most important, in the supermarket shelves, always be aware that the location of the competitive products, only good, the most competitive products to the advantage of location, no competition, the brand is the key recommendation does not need to.

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