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Supermarket shelves lighting should satisfy the conditions

by:Hshelf     2020-05-19
Generally put in supermarket shelves in the process, is also high to the requirement of supermarket shelves lighting, in order to make the shelf products more attractive, supermarket shelves lighting should have what conditions? The supermarket shelves factory want to introduce to you! Shelves lighting should satisfy the conditions: 1, the choice of lamps and lanterns: bats airfoils with light, easy to form a band of lamps and lanterns; 2, light source, T5, T8 tricolor straight tube fluorescent lamps, the LED; 3, choice of color temperature: 4000 k; 4, choose color: Ra> 80年,R9> 0; 5, arrangement: shelves middle band, the band parallel to the shelves. Lamps and lanterns installation height is higher than the shelf 0. 5 - — 2 meters of need, according to the condition and the flexible adjustment of lamps and lanterns light distribution. 6, the average intensity of illumination: 0. 500 lx 75 m level requirements, refer to the gb standard GB50034 - building lighting design 2013 '; 7, vertical illumination: shelves elevation 200 & ndash; — 800 lx; Gb without rules, here to experience. 8, power density: less than 17 w/m2.
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