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Supermarket shelves make what link to use

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
Introduction: supermarket shelves in the display of goods is adornment method carries on the artistic combination, to reach the purpose of promotional products, expand sales a form. Guangzhou supermarket shelves is commodity appearance and in-store operation features of 'face' and 'silent salesman', between the supermarket and consumer plays an important role of communicator. Socialist supermarket carefully decorate shelves works we will often see a

. In some supermarkets entry to put some daily necessities, and with more beautiful supermarket shelves put such as shampoo, cosmetics, paper towels, etc, which are frequently used while at the exit need to put some small commodities, commodity. Things which are frequently used as salt sauce vinegar tea rice must be kept where it is relatively easy to find. Where will be pleasing to the eye of the supermarket shelves.

goods can add to the particularity of the main pile, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. , some items are more sensitive to temperature, light, cold storage with glass frame, some precious commodity for supermarket shelves to make safety measures and special requirements, some of goods available for direct contact with customers, in the design to provide customers with more convenient enough. Of traditional Chinese medicine drawer racking, cultural relics shops in antique type shelf, platform of the bookstore shelves, box-type shelves of fruit store, clothing store derrick shelves, are designed according to the characteristics of their respective business varieties. Guangzhou supermarket shelves forming of the black thing that should be after oil removal, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, and other links. The quality of the powder is superior to bad points. Usually each shelf company has standard color? Spray color standard generally low cost. If using a special color? In powder can increase the time limit for a project? Waste powder? So the cost will be relatively high. There are three kinds of commonly used supermarket shelves? One is single side back net and double side back of the net? And the Angle steel shelves? The other wants to shelf? Float is also useful to. Specific rules of the model is according to the supermarket of graphic design and product placement to decide.

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