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Supermarket shelves management standards

by:Hshelf     2020-06-11
Supermarket shelves management standard: 1. , supermarket shelves, how to design: according to customer requirements, the venue size, to sell the item to design shelves and store address. 2. Turbine, material origin: all shenzhen cheng shelf factory of high quality cold rolled A4 sheet, national standard models for SS400 steel, the material surface, demanding. 3. Turbine, shelves pillar: shenzhen cheng shelf factory of high quality cold rolling SS400 steel plate forming tube, cold drawn square tube cross section size is 80 * 45 ( Length * width) , material thickness 2. 5 mm, the single stress of 800 kg, allowing maximum deflection for 1/1000 of the height, safety coefficient is 1. 5. 4. Turbine, layer board: shenzhen honestly shelf factory quality rolling SS400 material thickness 0. 8 mm, safe and reliable. Layer board each floor carrying weight 250 kg, guide the allowed maximum deflection deformation layer board for 1/200 of the layer board length. Safety coefficient is 1. 5. 5. , structure: all for hooking form, layers according to increase or decrease in free space, the assembly is very convenient. 6. Hardcover, packing: comprehensive adopted.
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