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Supermarket shelves manufacturers selling first consider the quality to price

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22

supermarket shelves equipment consider is quality first, the second is the price, the last is beautiful. Do business, after all, is his money, supermarket shelves equipment quality is gap is very big. Choose a good factory, equipped with maintenance service is also could not be more different. But if the money is enough, nature is as beautiful as possible. Choose the same region of the display equipment best style is unified. The cold wind of cabinet, such as dairy products choose red that frozen food also had better use red. There is a little to specifically to fresh items ( Meat, cooked food, bread) Good display equipment are not cheap, but high demand for fresh food. It is very important to do every day health and regularly reported loss.

。 Supermarket shelves

the choice of supermarket shelves according to your current space. If high enough is enough big, we suggest can be on the top of the rack. To save storage space, convenient staff on replenishment. Support this thing, although not beautiful, but very practical. Of course, overweight, fragile goods, such as: wine, beverages, household appliances. It is best not to stand on the top of the. Advised to choose a shorter shelf if stores area is not large. High shelves display the advantage of goods more full, more visual impact, especially in the end. The advantages of short shelf is that customers can quickly find what they want to buy. All the models best unified shelves.

b。 Earth pile and cage

here said to heap ( TG) , I would say it's just the matter of the storehouse board in advance. Fresh items to use plastic storehouse board, other goods packed with wooden plate. Storehouse board as far as possible to buy a little bit better, because with every day. Often easy to damage.

cage, each supermarket system is not the same as the name. I this is summed up in the word of this kind of display props. Suggested that the rt-mart. The benefits of this kind of display props, decoration around the quality is better and convenient to replace.

store area is quite large, under the iron cage easily also had better to prepare some. Holidays for the sales area.

bulk meters suggest use this barrel

c. Equipment

here again, no supermarket to live fresh management experience or relevant partners. Is not recommended to do fresh ( Fruits, vegetables, meat, cooked food, bread, snacks, fish) 。 Traditional seasonal fresh department is very strong, and relative mass consumer goods shelf life is short. Not familiar with the loss will be very big.

refrigeration equipment and refrigeration equipment choose good quality, to unify. Refrigeration equipment for periodic deicing. The cold wind cabinet below to regular cleaning. Many kinds of drinks suppliers provide display case.

fresh homemade equipment, oven and freezers, freezer, cold storage, dough mixer, work station, etc. These must choose good quality. These images are the I won't stick. There are a lot of baidu. Type and size according to the stores planning and preparation area.

checkout equipment, don't need to prepare the kind of conveyor belt. Is normal, you can checkout width is greater than 1 m 2 best. A cash register, cashier system, scanning gun, computer these would say.

warehouse shelves, also your warehouse shelf types depends on your height.

these are the supermarket shelf factory on the supermarket shelves manufacturers selling first consider the quality to price, some of the recommendations.

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