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Supermarket shelves product placement principles

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Now as a supermarket, supermarket shelves of pattern appeared significantly increase sales, but many people may be redundant or add also don't know how to apply appropriate, today we speak of supermarket shelves, the matters needing attention when putting also can say the use principle of supermarket shelves. 1, a lot of people to the supermarket with no clear shopping, a lot of time to browse, see and want to buy buy, no want to buy will not buy. For the crowd. For this group, and supermarket management personnel should catch consumers' characteristics, this group is usually women and children, so we should make full use of the road, passers-by supplies placed next to the children's products, this is called mutual consumption. 2, for & other; Star & throughout; Goods, that is, we all know that the product, we often want to use the product, for this we need to put in the most easy to see where it is accessible to and that will also promote consumption. 3, we should rationally set up roadblocks, is not a straight line, we'll set obstacles, make as many products are put in front of consumers. 4, we are going to the supermarket can be divided into hot and cold product, hot products, is that people are most often buy cold product is consumers buy can also, don't buy can also, we need to be hot products and reasonable use, cross assignment, so that we can promote the product of Western Europe with the cold. 5, on a regular basis for the location of the products do a reasonable adjustment, add the following hot products will be a cold area, can increase the views of consumers, promote the sale of goods. 6, for children's commodities of the demon may put in the bottom, because children's grid is relatively low.
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