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Supermarket shelves series products why always vertical arrangement?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23

are generally retail supermarket goods. Shelves each lattice display at least three varieties ( Best-selling products display can be less than 3 varieties) , every square metre to reach 11 to 12 varieties of display.

the current widespread use of display shelves, 165-250 cm tall, 90-200 cm long, on this shelf best display section is in between the segment and middle grade, this paragraph is known as the gold line. Height is 165 cm of shelves, for example, the height of the display gold line generally between 85-120 cm, it is the layer 2 and layer 3 shelves, is the most easy to see eyes, hands, the easiest way to get the goods display position. This position are commonly used to display high profit products, own-brand products, exclusive agent or distribution of goods.

the other two paragraph a display, the top usually display need to recommend commodities, commodity is usually lower sales cycle into recession.

series of products are often longitudinally display. Due to the line of sight of people to move up and down when the Angle of 25 & deg; 。 Customers in the distance from shelves 30 to 50 cm,

you can clearly see that 1 to 5 layer shelf display of goods. And when people line of sight lateral movement, the Angle is 50 & deg; , when customers choose goods shelves from 30 to 50 cm distance,

see only the horizontal display merchandise within 1 meter distance. Two kinds of display and sales effect resulted from different, longitudinal display can make the customer be clear at a glance.

supermarket with comfortable environment, complete kinds of goods can choose advantages of zero distance, has become indispensable in People's Daily life shopping places. There are, however, the personage inside course of study to reporters, said the supermarket food put also have & other; Hidden rules & throughout; : generally close to the shelf life of food will put in the most conspicuous position, fresh foods on the shelves inside or lower level is not easy to take place. Consumers don't buy, basically all is not the most fresh products.

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