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Supermarket shelves that you don't know the secret

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Supermarket shelves are used for goods and brand image display, and the design of the shelves based on customer's position, according to the product's demand. Shelves should be the center, focus, the focus of the booth is can attract the attention of people, the focus of selection is exhibited by the service purpose, generally is a new product, the product with high profit, or product, customers would like to come into harmony with lights, arrangement, colour, then constitute one of the image. Simple and clear, the best way to attract customers attention, average person can only accept the cable information in an instant, walking in a supermarket, customers if not instantly capture clear information, won't feel like this goods. Moreover, cases and put will be the highlight of attractive. Can attract more people's eyes, you need the idea of the seller, whether there will be a attractive place, and will make the customer to buy, it is a success, but the main purpose is to attract the attention of customers, customers love, the idea of buying don't feel regret, you don't use words, to the success of customers will have to buy the goods.
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