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Supermarket to live fresh wooden shelf placement method

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24

supermarket to live fresh wooden shelf placement method? Production of supermarket wooden shelves mainly by environmental protection board material, with a special fire prevention board, plus all sorts of adornment material and the glass makings. No fixed standard, according to the demand for goods and ground position, can be used as the standard shape or tank.

supermarket to live fresh wooden shelves put rules

1, arranging: moving goods together regularly, called & other; Arrange & throughout; , the key is to pull over to the front of the goods in order to avoid clutter and loose.

2, place: will lift goods into the container, such as box or cage called & other; Throughout the &; ,“ Throughout the &; With & other; Accumulation & throughout; And & other Overlapping & throughout; Can be different, as long as most of the above goods straight, do not need special skills.

3, heaps: moving goods piled up in sequence from down to up, said & other; Accumulation & throughout; The purpose of accumulation, is creating stereo feeling.

4, overlapping, called commodity crisscross combination, accumulation, & other Overlapping & throughout; 。 The combination of different shape or size of goods, or put the goods in the packing bag of composite pile up, etc. , all belong to overlap type display, such as potatoes in the bags, or scatter of potato, carrot, onion, carrot, etc.

5, adornment: there are two situations: one is adornment goods, both sales and illuminative double action; Another is the adornment is given priority to, really want to sell the goods are placed in elsewhere.

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