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Supermarket wooden shelves design principles

by:Hshelf     2020-05-24
A lot of people in their spare time like to ramble supermarket, shopping on the articles for daily use, or buy some snacks, and relax. In fact many people ignore the supermarket wooden shelves, there are more and more kinds of supermarket wooden shelves, style also has a lot of kinds, here small make up a simple introduction for you the supermarket wooden shelves design principles. 1) People-oriented, the scale of the display case in accordance with the requirements of human body engineering; 2) Save installation or set up time, save manpower and material resources cost, had better use standardization, seriation, connectionism is given priority to with combined-type, tear open outfit; 3) The shape of the storefront and the colour not a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role; 4) Site structures, should try to use local materials, and to adapt to the local processing conditions and technical level; 5) As far as possible the use of environmental protection, recyclable, and the properties of safety components. 6) Designers at the same Angle with operator station, set up with the customer as the core design consciousness and concept; 7) Customers are the main body, goods shelves, is the object, but to design the main, object merge together; 8) Is to explicitly design cases and carrier of the material - - - - - - The nature of the commodities is soft or hard goods.
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