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Suzhou heavy shelf custom production plan

by:Hshelf     2020-01-08
In production and life, Suzhou heavy shelves play an important role and value. For many enterprises, customized heavy shelves are often more able to meet everyone's needs, what is the customized production plan for heavy shelves? The following Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. will take you to understand. Generally speaking, different enterprises will have different product customization schemes according to their needs, and as a whole, they still have certain similarities, and this also constitutes the main plan for Suzhou heavy-duty shelf customization production. 1. Suzhou heavy-duty Hshelf Shop Shelving adopt a partition design method as a whole, which can adjust the shelf style and structure according to the application scope and field of shelves. For example, conventional heavy-duty shelves are used for conventional large-scale products, the shelves of series products or the goods of high-end products need to be used, such as steel and wood shelves, and the whole shelves can be upgraded to high-end atmosphere through decoration, shelf style and color matching; 2. The heavy-duty shelf adopts sand gray color as a whole, the top of the shelf and the Zhongdao plus light box, and the steel and wood shelf for high-end products. The Shelf column is black, and the wood laminate is available in color; 3. All shelves can be manufactured by the process of 'opening material → forming bending → touch welding and polishing → pickling and derusting → cleaning and drying → Electrostatic spraying and curing → Packaging finished products. Generally speaking, the customized production process of Suzhou heavy-duty shelves is still relatively standardized and can meet everyone's basic needs. Of course, as for the specific details in this respect, we also need to negotiate with manufacturers, and Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. is a first-class heavy-duty shelf supplier, which can customize products that satisfy everyone and is worthy of everyone's choice.

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