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Suzhou heavy shelf selection skills

by:Hshelf     2020-01-07

finishing is an art. For manufacturers, heavy Hshelf Shop Shelving are a good helper when sorting goods or merchandise. So what are the tips when buying Suzhou heavy shelves? Let's take a look.

First, look at the type of goods. Suzhou heavy Hshelf Shop Shelving are generally used to store pallet goods, because this will save time and energy for forklift access. Then when purchasing shelves, you must consider the size, weight, etc. of the goods.

Second, look at the load-bearing level of the warehouse floor. This is very important. For the simplest example, if the warehouse load-bearing value is only 3 tons, but the shelf load-bearing value is 10 tons, then there will be adverse effects, light is the ground deformation, heavy is the ground collapse.

third, look at the delivery frequency of the shelves. This point may not be well understood. For Suzhou heavy shelves, there are two ratios, one is to measure the shelf picking rate and the other is the space utilization rate. If the shipping frequency is relatively high, then the heavy shelf corresponding to the corresponding ratio type should be selected.

Fourth, it depends on the loading and unloading equipment. In this regard, in the process of purchasing shelves, shelf manufacturers usually inform them first, so that buyers can provide forklift parameters, shelf passages and other information to help buyers select shelves suitable for their own manufacturers.

The above is the selection technique of Suzhou heavy-duty shelves. Is it very simple? However, the small editor here still wants to remind consumers that when buying shelves, they must find regular manufacturers, not only the quality is guaranteed, moreover, there is a perfect system for the loading and unloading of shelves and the later maintenance, thus eliminating a lot of unnecessary troubles. Interested friends can consult Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd!

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