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The application of supermarket shelves product

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
Supermarket shelves and colorful, style is different also. Small supermarket is to choose the single, single and double sided shelves. One shelf is relying on a wall, double shelves are kept in the middle, this is the small supermarket uniform standards. For a large supermarket, is different. Supermarket shelves wants much, the species is also more. Supermarkets now sell almost everything. Basic as long as it is daily necessities, there are. Want to vegetables, rice products, are almost all wooden and plastic display shelf. Cold dishes, such as keeping series is glass display cases. Gifts, life of snacks are put shelves, and small supermarket shelves almost the same. But don't be to have no difference, difference also there are a few points. Big supermarket display shelves are larger, do manual work is required higher. More kinds of supermarket products, so the style of the supermarket shelves and color is different also. This is the most intuitive large supermarkets and small supermarket.
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