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The development of the supermarket shelves what distance

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

with the rapid development of modern industrialization, the supermarket marketing industry in China's economic development has played a very important role, for our country economic construction made great achievements, but after years of development, gradually exposed the domestic supermarket shelves the weakness of the enterprise in the development of industry.

the domestic shelves technology has always come from foreign countries, as if in a few years ago, before the time and today's supermarket marketing model, not to mention the supermarket shelves of the development of technology, all enterprises are shelves to the use of the foreign capital enterprise, because at that time, the supermarket shelves in a foreign country has developed very well, but in recent years, with the development of domestic economy, the supermarket also with the move to domestic marketing mode, this also is the development of the supermarket shelves.

but in the current situation, the domestic supermarket shelves development is not perfect, and all of the supermarket shelves are simple, basic to hard. Not reached the design requirements of human nature, this is also our technical gap, but we can believe that distance is the direction of our development.

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