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The difference between the supermarket shelves and ordinary shelves and application

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23

what supermarket shelves, is it and what is the difference between ordinary shelves? In zhongshan warehouse shelves, there are different types of warehouse shelves, heavy, medium and light, has sailed into type shelves, loft-style shelves, fluent type shelf, etc. , and supermarket shelves can be widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouses and business units.

according to our many years of production experience, we analyse the supermarket shelves here some of the features: 1, supermarket shelves, good appearance, superior performance, according to the connection and that is assembled with infixing pattern. The disassembly is convenient. 2, can be arbitrary combination, steel layer board for 50 mm pitch adjusted, and each layer of load in the 60 kg & ndash; Between 200 kg. 3, surface using epoxy resin electrostatic pensu processing, color can be according to the demand, and with strong corrosion, rust effect. 4, supermarket shelves, it is every a supermarket without the necessary need to use the thing in the world, it has the advantage of the vast.

in zhongshan shelves since the factory has been production, all kinds of shelves all alone has its characteristic, and exert their own advantages, in the practical application of warehousing enterprises solve the storage problem, and supermarket shelves is a indispensable equipment.

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