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The library to the requirement of the shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-02
Books shelves of the library, it is called a bookcase. Books are the source of knowledge, as the storage place of books, shelves nature to provide safeguard for safety and quality of the book. First of all, the material of the bookshelf, should not have chemicals such as chlorine and other acidic sulfur ingredients, remove the material after the books will produce chemicals, the release of harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, cause damage to the books. Wood, paint, leather etc. Will cause potential harm to the book, so the shelf factory advice bookshelf is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and the surface plastic spraying coating steel plate materials such as safer. Second, the temperature and humidity are also factors, which affect the shelf life of the book, we proposal the rack installation dehumidifier, in order to ensure drying shelf. High humidity can lead to the page of mold, need to staff's attention.
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