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The long history of shelves and development

by:Hshelf     2020-05-25
Shelves shelves of long history and development we have been very familiar with, from the ancient traditional Chinese medicine to modern used in all kinds of shops of all kinds of shelves, to the large-scale three-dimensional warehouse shelves made of reinforced or more material, which are familiar to people, but a deep layer again into the professional terms of shelves, may not many people know. The development of modern logistics, is the emergence of the warehouse and the development premise, is compatible with industry, the development of science and technology.

modern mass production, more and more to promote industrial production socialization, specialization and centralization. Highly mechanized production, automation of supply of materials for the inevitable requirement to distribute timely and rapid development, and has become a symbol of the high-tech in plant design. When cost savings, improve efficiency for the modern management concept as a primary consideration when managers, how to effectively use of warehouse space, how to improve the use of warehouse capacity, was also on the important position.

the focus of the store management has two directions, one is how to increase the effective use of storing space, the second is how to promote the flow of goods. Store the space of storage space of goods, although on the surface of the space for storage, but in fact this space distribution for purchase of goods distribution JiZhan, so keeping area has become the centre of goods storage and transportation hub. Therefore, keeping the effective use of space has become a management and logistics center and important subject of efforts to improve. For spatial planning, classification, you must first understand the use of the space direction, then evaluate its weights in all aspects of the trade-off, assessment with the weight after the comparison of design layout. If storage space is limited and can't be change in planning and design, in what way is to seek for the utilization of storage space available to the limit. It puts forward higher requirements on shelves. The emergence of modern warehouse, lead to the development of the shelves.

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