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The size of supermarket shelves and timber

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

supermarket shelves are generally used for supermarkets or shopping malls, and details the supermarkets to sizes is not the same, so will shelves request is higher, with the supermarkets managers have different interest and hobbies, so they will supermarket fire requirements are different, this is according to the demand of the market, we will be customized according to customer's requirements.

and about the size of the various kinds of supermarket shelves and specifications, we shall substitute in accordance with customer requirements to complete products, there is also a situation is to provide the place of use, by our professional design team site planning and design, used for the customer; And the material is made from high quality cold rolled by A3 steel plate, and in strict accordance with the national standard models equipped with supermarket shelves, and adopts the manual installation mode, according to the customer's actual situation to determine the high of supermarket shelves, width, layer number and all specific style.

in the industry of supermarket shelves, we have more than ten years of history, owners absolutely design and production capacity, and have the absolute credibility and assurance, for your sails to the supermarket, out of our own road.

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