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The specifications for the mold frame parameters

by:Hshelf     2020-06-09
Detailed specification parameters of mould frame mould frame parameters for the detailed specification of standard mould frame product features: three, four layer standard draw-out type mould frame; Specifications; Per high deep D615 H2000 * * long L3100MM long load 800-8881, each drawer 1000 kg2, crown ( Driving) Bearing 800 - 1000 kg3 korah, drawer board 55% 4 additional insurance unit 5, convenient operation, safe and reliable bearing are adopted, sliding balance with independent mould device of 6, save a space, covers an area of product is 1. 8 square meters, can deposit a few sets of small and medium mould 7, simple structure, and components are assembled by a variety of combinations, easy disassembly, transportation and assembly the products of the company: quality is OK, the price is reasonable, all varieties, considerate service, to customer satisfaction and trust. ! ! Ten years quality guarantee! ! Standard draw-out type mold frame technology parameters: 1. Column USES 10 # steel channel, pillar slash is 25 * 25 square 2. The drawer board bracket adopting 50 * 50 Angle, the drawer panel is made of 2 mm steel plate 3. Chute into 4 for 4 mm steel plate bending. The bearing of 6403 # 5. Spray paint; Green, blue, gray medium such as full open mould frame 1, bearing 1000 - every board 3000 kg2, drawer pull 95% 3, 3, 4 layer specifications; W1100 H2400 * * L3400MM heavy draw-out type mould frame each bearing 2 - each layer 3 tons specification: height W1205 H2100 * * L1100 length non-limit claim 1. Heavy draw-out type mould frame specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. 2. Heavy draw-out type mold product features same as above 3. Technical parameters: the column using 12 # channel steel, pillar slash is 25 * 25 square 4. Drawer board bracket using 40 * 80 flat, with 2 drawer panel. 5 mm steel plate. Chute into 6 for 6 mm steel plate bending. Bearing of 6404 # specification: H2000mm D600 L3100 * * ( Layer 3 g * 4 = 12 smoke board) Infinite bearing: 800 - 1000 kg/every drawer board, the overall bearing can be up to 9. 6 - 12 t material: column using 10 # steel channel; Rod mining for 40 * 40 square; Smoke board chassis use 50 * 50 Angle; Panel for 2 thick. 5 mm steel plate; Fold slot chute is made of 4 mm steel plate; Pull bearing imported type 6404:65% korah drawer board color: green environmental protection, The default) Note: standard bearing heavy mould frame not only do 3100 mm in length, is made of 3 g ( L3100mm) As a set of mould frame, can be arbitrary length in practical use, this process there is no need to add more artificial, material or process, is simply to make the arrangement of the pillar one by one together.
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